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Middle Earth Heroes Apk İndir 2022

Middle Earth Heroes Apk İndir 2022

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Background Middle Earth Heroes Apk İndir 2022

Middle Earth Heroes Apk İndir 2022

On the a long way fringe of the continent, a dark force is awakening. Demon King Hashim led diverse darkish forces to salary conflict with mankind. In a few years, 1/2 of the mainlands civilization become swallowed by using darkness.
Mage Michel efficiently received the mild stone after passing the trial of the gods, which has the impact of sealing the electricity of darkness. Michel decomposed the mild stone into 4 amulets, and gave them to four younger heroes respectively. The young heroes gained exceptional light powers and started the conquest of Hashim.

– Single player! Multiplayer crew cooperation!
– four hero class,12 trade kind
a). Warrior: Melee elegance owning main bodily assault, protection and stamina. Class may be changed into Berserker, Knight and Swordsman.

Middle Earth Heroes Apk 2022

His precision marksmanship and agility make him a nightmare for his foes. Class may be modified into Marksman, Ranger and Rogue.
c). Mage :Ranged elegance with AoE damage and damaging electricity. Class can be changed into Firewaker, Icedriver and Thunderwaker.
d). Summoner: Controls phantom beasts in battle by using signing religious pacts with them. Class can be changed into Vampire, Deathmage and Beastmaster.
– 300 talents and capability
– Exclusive skills tree
– fifty two fits, 320 gears, unfastened combination.
– RogueLike movement game
– Hundreds of nicely designed monsters and boss
– Offline gambling

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