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Knife To Meet You – Simulator Apk İndir 2023

Knife To Meet You – Simulator Apk İndir 2023

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Background Knife To Meet You – Simulator Apk İndir 2023

Knife To Meet You – Simulator Apk İndir 2023

Can you hit the apple on the pinnacle? Funny weapons to test your abilties: Knives, Dart, Spear, Tomahawk, Swiss Knife, Frisbee, Boomerang, Crossbow, Pistol, Axe, Fork, Cleaver, Nails, Card, Sickle, Scythe, Sword, Shuriken, Sawblade, Sabre, Bottle Flip, Helicopter, Fake Hand, Scissors, Ping-Pong in case you pick Table tennis.

In this sport you may be the Knife Master who makes the maximum lovely hints! You can do anything you need, and entire a degree in one-of-a-kind methods. You have 10 knives, and you want to finish the RED hints to complete the ranges without hitting your little buddy: the Ring Master (or hit him after finishing the level for a Sacrifice bonus, much like Mortal Kombat fatality). All in bullet time gradual mo! Break the world record and other players will see your awesome replay!

Tricks you could do:
– Stuck, Slice, Pierce, Pin gadgets!
– Target hits scoring 0-500 factors!
– Double and triple combo 200-300 factors!
– Hat Trick: hit your pals hat without hitting him!
– Team Trick: pass a knife on your pal who finishes the job!
– Backhand Trick: Throw with reverse spin and hit a target!
– DoubleSpin Trick: Spin the knife as a minimum 450 stages, the flippy knife really worth one hundred factors.
– Overtake Trick: Triple combo an object but in special order! For instance: turn a knife within the air and hit and object two times with your 2-3. Knife and allow the primary one finishes the combination.
– Pierce Trick: as a thrid section of the combo, hit the middle of an item to pierce it.

Knife To Meet You – Simulator Apk mod 2023

– Pin Trick: Pin a knife with a pierced object to any other item.

And plenty extra: every day demanding situations, stay display within the circus, on-line war of countries on a big map of 3000 ranges, survival mode, and so on. More info:

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