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HRT METEO Apk New Download 2022

HRT METEO Apk New Download 2022

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Background HRT METEO Apk New Download 2022

HRT METEO Apk New Download 2022

A precise utility that permits the monitoring of measurements and observations from the authentic meteorological stations of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia (DHMZ), as well as most different European meteorological services, consistent with World Meteorological Organization standards. The software also provides radar precipitation pics and prognoses of DHMZ experts, which till now have been simplest to be had on Croatian radio and tv programs, as well as Croatian Auto Club (HAK) traffic information, which includes stay video streaming from maximum Croatian regions.

Unlike certainly all different similar packages, wherein prognoses are the result of a pc calculated numerical climate forecast of one atmospheric model, HRT METEOs experienced and rather educated meteorologists make their prognoses on the idea of an evaluation of current climate conditions and masses of calculations for numerous atmospheric fashions, offering their forecast of future atmospheric situations and conditions at sea for regions and concrete areas. They additionally provide severe climate warnings, which seem on the app within mins of the meteorologists forecast for the DHMZ.

HRT METEO carries:

The state-of-the-art available measurements from authentic DHMZ meteorological stations closest to the well-known regions:
– air temperature (°C)
– wind speed and route (m/s or km/h)
– air pressure decreased to sea level (hPa)
– air pressure tendency as compared to the previous size (hPa/h)
– relative humidity (%)
– sea temperature (°C)
– amount of precipitation in the preceding 12 and/or 24 hours (mm/12 or 24h)
– snow depth (cm)

The latest radar precipitation photos from the DHMZ.

HRT METEO Apk İndir 2022

Sunrise and sundown instances for the admired vicinity or location on the basis of the NOAA algorithm.

The day of the previous and next alternate in the lunar cycle.

– pictogram and numbers for 55 city regions in the Republic of Croatia for the cutting-edge and next day,
– pictogram and numbers for 44 towns at some point of Europe, such as 10 from Croatias neighbouring nations
– written forecast for 8 Croatian regions for the current and next day, in addition to pictogram and numbers for tomorrow and next two days. The areas are: relevant, jap and mountainous Croatia, the Istrian and Dalmatian hinterlands and the northern, valuable and southern Adriatic coast,
– the outlook for the subsequent days, one at a time for continental and coastal Croatia,
– a unique written marine forecast for the Adriatic Sea, with an emphasis on winds, sea situations and visibility
– a written forecast on the idea of an analysis of previous and modern-day weather situations and loads of calculations for numerous atmospheric models, which is prepared by way of an educated and seasoned meteorologist,
– pictorgram forecast providing the general or predominant trend within the weather for the present day day in one specific area or urban area,
– numerical forecast provides the daily temperature highs and lows for a selected location, and the primary or enormous high and occasional for a vicinity
– biometeorological forecast for the area which the asked vicinity in Croatia is located in
– consolation index for locations in Croatia
– UV index forecast at 14:00 (13:00 in wintry weather months) for the asked place in Croatia
– visitors forecasts furnished by using HAK specialists
– video forecasts from HRTs weather report

Extreme climate warnings:
– wind, frost, thunderstorms, fog, extraordinarily high or low temperatures and downpours for 8 Croatian areas
– notifications within mins of the on responsibility DHMZ meteorologist’s authentic severe weather caution

HRT in cooperation with DHMZ and HAK.

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