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Free Wicked Wolves New 2022 Mod

Free Wicked Wolves New 2022 Mod

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Background Free Wicked Wolves New 2022 Mod

Free Wicked Wolves New 2022 Mod

Wicked Wolves – Otome Dating Game

Suddenly thrust into the arena of werewolves and vampires, you end up the mate of any such brutish men! The world of Wicked Wolves is a dangerous region and those boys come with a bite!

Youre a police officer assigned to one of the maximum bustling cities in the global; Tokyo.

Underneath the considerable near destiny city, werewolves and vampires lurk in all corners of existence. One devoted night plunges you into their world.
Saved through the lovely wolf guys from a vampire who had his fangs in your neck, they may be looking for a mate to retain their lineage – You!
Who will you select?

■Easy to play, even for first-timers!
・Play 5 situations an afternoon without cost.
・Increase your factors with Bridal Training.
・Get tremendous clothes for your avatar and development the tale through clearing love trials along with your guy. 
・Depending on Affection stages, the endings can change, so that you can even date one guy in exceptional methods!
・You can crew up with your dating sim-loving friends and participate in events for added boost.
※The sport is Free to play, but prices may also observe for special scenarios, avatars, and gadgets.

■The animalistic men are :

・Ruka Jinguji
VA: Yuuki Ono
 The sadistic head of the Jinguji own family, he will do whatever to protect his own family.

Wicked Wolves Apk İndir 2022

・Gekka Kamitani
VA: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
 The cool idol wolf, famous with all the ladies.

・Ibuki Mitsumine
VA: Yusuke Shirai
 The charismatic pure blood wolf, lonely for love.

・Ivan Charles
VA: Junichi Toki
 The wolf of the silver display, a renowed playboy.

・Louis Farinelli
VA: Yoshitaka Yamaya
 The aristocratic wolf, with a mysterious streak.

・Arthur Langley
VA: Daisuke Hirakawa
 The thousand yr antique vampire, sorrowful and obessive.

・Kairi Koduka
VA: Tasuku Hatanaka
 The flirtious pansexual fox, with a watch on you.

・Kotaro Inumaki
VA: Kento Hama
 The trustworthy watchdog, a tough cynic.

VA: Kodai Sakai
 The everlasting young vampire, lively and bratty.

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