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Free Helicopter Escape 3D New 2022 Mod

Free Helicopter Escape 3D New 2022 Mod

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Background Free Helicopter Escape 3D New 2022 Mod

Free Helicopter Escape 3D New 2022 Mod

Get geared up for some brutal capturing movement!

Rain down fiery vengeance from above in this rapid-paced third-character helicopter shooter in which you’re on a undertaking to rescue the hostage from hordes of zombies, gangsters, henchmen, and enemy fighters.

Keep your eyes peeled and your wits approximately you, and don’t forestall shooting till she leaps to safety in this clean-to-play all-action sport where only the quickest and the deadliest 🪖 live on. Hyper-brutal, hyper-enjoyable helicopter mayhem so that it will maintain you coming again for extra time after time.


Help the hostage ‍️get away through gunning down the endless circulate of pursuers in the back of her. Use explosives and different in-recreation items to take out multiple enemies or depend on fancy shooting to put off as many horrific guys as you may. Hurl down destruction at the enemy, but just ensure you don’t hit the hostage with the aid of mistake.

When the going receives difficult, the tough go gradual-mo. When zombies are respiration down the neck of the hapless hostage at essential moments in the game, time slows down that will help you cope. Take a while, spoil your enemies, and rescue the hostage!

Varied and interesting gameplay movement: tiers trade between rooftop zombie pursuits and constructing assaults with a couple of armed enemies trying to take you down.

Helicopter Escape 3D Apk download 2022

There’s a whole thrilling range of enemies to smash, and some of them even shoot again, so defend up before your start to ensure you may continue to exist and keep the hostage.

Complete levels to upgrade your guns, outfit, and helicopter, and advance via the districts of the metropolis to reach top notch boss ranges with more rewards. Try out pistols, shotguns, attack rifles, SMGs, or even rocket launchers to locate the gun that enables you placed an end to maximum zombies .

Extra-unique loopy tiers provide a riotous opportunity to ordinary gameplay, with weapons that shoot cats, sheep, paint, and a whole heap of other weird and notable alternatives to enliven your play.

Cool pictures, distinct settings, a anxiety-constructing soundtrack, and fashionable camera angles supply the sport an thrilling, cinematic feel. Keep the enemy hordes at bay and watch the hostage soar to the protection of your helicopter in fantastically pleasurable slow motion.


Looking for immediate and casual taking pictures amusing? Helicopter Escape 3-D combines the high-quality of interesting motion gameplay and easy accessibility. Got 5 minutes for capturing? How about destroying some zombies and rescuing a damsel in distress?

Download Helicopter Escape 3-d now and revel in without end enjoyable 3D shooter pandemonium that’s guaranteed to dispel boredom and liven up your day!

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