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Background AUTISMIND Apk İndir


Autismind is therapists, parents and other professionals device to work and improve Theory of Mind in kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism, Asperger, or signs related to ASD).

Autistic children commonly have a lack of social thinking and Theory of Mind, the potential to deduce intellectual states in others and adapt our behavior for that reason, so its hard for them to get in others thoughts to recognise what are they wondering, feeling or what do they need. Thats why social interaction may be difficult and they could have problems to get integrated inside the context.

Autismind is a dependent app with 10 one-of-a-kind subjects, divided in 6 difficulty ranges, with extra than a thousand sporting activities to paintings the mental abilties had to develop the Theory of Mind. It requires the determine or expert implication to work with the child, regardless of its achieved with some interesting and motivating characteristics:

Very smooth and intuitive to navigate throw with out assist and its quite simple and clear.

Feedback and advantageous reinforcement: the kid knows every time if the solution its correct and there are verbal and visual rewards to make it extra interesting. The youngster is able to pick between five viable rewards and the prize gets higher as greater sporting activities are finished.


Very essential when running with youngsters with autism.

Learning with out errors: there’s help provided whilst the child answers wrong, so frustration is averted (a completely not unusual trouble when autistic youngsters get stucked) and the kid is able to learn some thing new. In addition, after some exercise however earlier than growing the issue, the incorrect sporting activities are supplied once more without the assist supplied.

Exportable records: automatically all the records its registered and may be consulted inside the records menu, understanding the solution time response, the overall quantity of time the children spends in every level or the total mistakes he has performed.

Draws and photos: it usually starts with very simples draws, easier to recognize for autistic kids, however it also works with real images, with more info and statistics to manner, however extra realistic to sell the generalization.

AutisMIND it’s been developed with the aid of a crew of psychologists, speech therapists, teachers and docs from IDAPP, an autism remedy middle in Barcelona, Spain, but also achieved with the collaboration of the households and sufferers, without whom, it would were not possible to have AutisMIND.

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